Lu Lunar was born from a place of stillness. A place from within our heart that urges us to believe, trust and support each other’s journey. 

Using 100% pure essential oils to intuitively blend and design magic wellness products that will support you in being that gentle reminder to slow down, take a breath and reconnect with ourselves.

We know by using essential oils we can support our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Lu Lunar will be here to support you to find the ritual or self-care routine that works for you. Lu Lunar is here to amplify any present moment. Whether you are bringing us to your morning coffee, office, the yoga mat, meditation or to bed, let Lu Lunar set the tone to create the space that allows you to give back to YOU. 

You can use our different blends to shift your energy and support you in your intentions and manifestations. All our products are cleansed and charged under the sunlight, stars and moon.

We are really here to be love. To build a Lu Lunar community and safe space where we can always be reminded that finding the stillness within can create greatness in our external world. We look forward to creating magic and beginning our journey here with you.

☽ x