Do you create personal blends and mist?

We unquestionably do! We love working with you personally to create unique magical blends and mists to support wherever you are on your journey.

We also cater for special events by creating a mixture of blends of your choice that you may like to provide as a token of gratitude to your guests and as a memento for the occasion. Get in contact via hello@lulunar.com

Why essential oils?

By inhalation or absorbing through the skin, essential oils have the power to travel through to our bloodstream. The aromas of essential oils activate what is known as the “amygdala” which is what acts to rework our moods and emotions.

If inhaled it takes just 22 seconds for essential oil molecules to reach the brain. If absorbed through the skin, essential oils can be found in your bloodstream within 2 minutes immediately impacting your senses.

Essential oils hold properties to support us in a beneficial ways spiritually, physically and emotionally. So we have chosen essential oils for the very reason that they are perfect to add to any self-care routine.

How are your products made?

Production is made in small handfuls at a time in Melbourne. Everything that is used in our products are cleansed and charged under the sun and moonlight.

We use 100% PURE essential oils and crystals from Australian suppliers.

All products are made naturally and are cruelty & vegan free.

Am I likely to have a reaction?

It is possible for some individuals to find that some essential oils can cause irritation. If you think you have sensitive skin, we recommend doing a skin patch test.

How do I do a skin patch test?

You can start with a visible portion of your leg or arm, such as your knee or your forearm. Look out for a reaction over 30 minutes time. If there are signs of irritation please discontinue use.

Do we sell in store?

For the moment Lu Lunar can only be found online, however we will soon be featuring in boutique studios and local markets. Don’t worry we will post to let you know where to find us!

If you are interested in stocking Lu Lunar get in contact via hello@lulunar.com
and use the subject field “RE: WHOLESALE “

We would LOVE to hear from you!

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