Our products

All of our products are hand made and designed by Lu Lunar. We use 100% pure essential oils sourced from Australian suppliers.

We make our products intuitively in a sacred space. We ensure the space is cleansed before production by completing a form of meditation or prayer. This process ensures that when you receive your Lu Lunar product you will be able to reap the rewards of high vibrations, joy and love. 

Our water and gem pebble crystals are charged under the sun and filled with lunar light energy. The little gems you will find in your bottle will be the very ones that we believe are meant to support you and your energy at this time. Of course you get to keep the crystals at the end of your bottle and hold a part of Lu Lunar with you.
We house our products in glass which of course is 100% recyclable.

How to look after your Lu Lunar space mist?
Please keep your Lu Lunar Space Mist in a cool position out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight or heat can alter the composition in the essential oils, which can compromise the product. 

Oil separation:
We do not use any synthetic chemicals in any of our products. This means you may observe oil separation in our products…. please don’t worry this is completely normal! 

Before using any of our Space Mist products, please be sure to first SHAKE the bottle and then SPRAY around yourself or your selected space.

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