Abundance Ritual Candle

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Vanilla Chai + Citrine infused

Create intentional ritual to realise & express gratitude
for the abundance already in your life + manifest more of it!   

Make space and light this warm abundant spice.  
Enter this sacred space with love and a grateful heart.
Set your intention/s and repeat them out loud (+write them down)! 

Expand your intentions by visualising
+ FEELING all that you are grateful for now. 
Proceed to visualise the abundance you would like to attract. 

Citrine Crystals will amplify your intentions for Abundance. 
Wealth, Blessings, Prosperity, Clarity and Warmth. 
Citrine supports motivating you to take action
whilst gently removing fears & is a powerful HEALING crystal. 

~ Completely cruelty-free                                     
~ Essential Oils/ Fragrance
~ Hand made with LOVE 
~ 100% Natural Soy wax 
~ 475g 



Be aware: Please use caution when lighting any candle.
Do NOT leave candle unattended.
Do NOT burn candle for longer than 5 hours. 
Do NOT burn wax down.