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This blend was brought to us from above.
A Grounding Goddess sent scent for your skin.
Created with the highest of vibrations for you to connect as a daily ritual.

Step into your power and harness it all at once.
This divine earthy aroma will make you feel like you’ve just walked out of an organic wellness centre every day of your life.

Connected within, pampered, hydrated and well rested.

News flash- who said we aren’t aloud to feel like this every dam day?

Our ritual body oil features high quality essential oils, including the King of oils Frankincense blended with Sandalwood and Cedarwood to bring you an abundance of goodness. Alleviates stress, balances emotions and extremely grounding!

Powerful and enticing. Energetically cleansing, calms, re-centres all while purifying, soothing and toning your skin for the perfect glow up.
+ MADE WITH COCONUT OIL & VITAMIN E OIL to moisture your skin.

Cultivate more self-love moments! Often we forget about showing some love from the neck... right down to our toes.
So take your time, mindfully massage yourself directly, place a drop in your favourite moisturiser or few drops in your bath. 

Leave yourself feeling like the Queen or King that you are.