Full Moon Ritual Candle

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Our 'Full Moon Ritual Candle' will invigorate your senses with a creamy citrusy aroma. Using only the highest quality oils to support you in the releasing
and purging during the phase of a Full Moon.

A rich Vanilla Base. Why? Because Vanilla supports to harness and channel all the Lunar energy. Blended with top citrus notes to help support energetic cleansing and encourage us to let go of limiting beliefs or patterns that no longer serve us.

Full Moon Ritual Candle can be incorporated into your monthly moon ritual or just your favourite new scent to greet your guests with.

Crystals Infused with;
Rainbow Moonstone, White Moonstone, Raw Moonstone and gems.

Rainbow Moonstone:  
~ Supports connection with higher self/spirituality 
~ Releases Emotions 
~ Holds lively vibrations 

Important to note:
Pairs perfectly with our Full Moon Mist. 
We use different essential oils and their properties to make our Full Moon Mist & Candle. All working to support in intensifying the intention of protection, releasing and cleansing.