New Moon Ritual Candle

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Our Lu Lunar New Moon Candle infused with Smokey Quartz blended with soft and sweet subtle notes of Rose and Cinnamon to support you in setting your intentions for the month ahead.

Lu Lunar’s New Moon Ritual Candle uses the highest quality of Rose and Cinnamon to uplift and revitalise any space. More importantly Lu Lunar’s New Moon Ritual candle will support you to get clear on your manifestations, whether it be calling in love, wealth or overall mindful positive changes.

This luxurious candle is a perfect burn for setting the tone for New Moon journaling and meditations however will instantly transform the ambiance of your home any day of the month.

Crystals Infused with; 
Smokey Quartz, White Moonstone, Raw Moonstone and gems.

Smokey Quartz: 
~ Grounding + Stabilising 
~ Protective 
~ Holds lively vibrations  + encourages inner strength 


~ Completely cruelty-free                                     
~ Essential Oils/ Fragrance
~ Hand made with LOVE 
~ 100% Natural Soy wax 
~ 475g